Military sources sacrifice fly more than female J-10 was approved as a revolutionary martyr – Asahi

Military news: female flying Yu Xu sacrifice J-10 was approved as a revolutionary martyr – Sohu Military Channel November 12th killed in flight training in the f -10 female pilot Yu Xu, was approved as a revolutionary martyr. Yu Xu is China training of female fighter pilots, is the first car f -10 aircraft flying female pilots. Born in 1986 in Sichuan Chongzhou, in September 2005 the army, has over 4 models, two times won three. The air force spokesman Shen Jinke, Yu Xu was set up in the new China 60 anniversary celebration of National Day military parade in the capital over the Tiananmen, driving many f -10 aircraft flight performance in the tenth session of the eleventh session, China airshow and air force open activities, dissemination of cultural space, show the air force. Yu Xu and his comrades driving fighters -10 flying abroad, Langkawi in Malaysia international shipping exhibition, Thailand joint air force training on the closing ceremony of the flight performance, show Chinese spirit, China power and aerospace dream to the world. The spokesman said that Yu Xu grew up from a rural Sichuan girl for the Republic’s first fighter -10 female pilots, love flying dream space, the best time to the military career, the regretless youth into the motherland aerospace. Yu Xu killed in flight training in the news, affecting all walks of life, and the masses of overseas Chinese and international friends concerned regret, hundreds of millions of users in a variety of ways for the outstanding female pilots said the sudden departure of mourning, the heroine with respect. At present, more than for "flowers" Asahi hall online users has reached 10 million.相关的主题文章:

The new network in the world media focused on the fifth Ministerial Conference of popkart

The world media focused on the fifth Ministerial Conference of the new network in Macao Xinhua news agency Xinhua (reporter Wang Chenxi) 9 October 9, the Macao SAR government news bureau announced the opening of the forum news center, there will be 76 media more than 500 journalists reported the upcoming China Forum on the fifth session of the ministerial conference. The forum attracted national media attention especially the Portuguese national media. Macao news bureau data show that more than 500 reporters have signed up to participate in this forum’s activities. Among them, from the Portuguese speaking countries, including the foreign media a total of 28, nearly 70 people from the mainland; 12 institutions, about 180 people; Macao local media has 36, nearly 270 people. According to reports, the news center located in the vicinity of the Macao University of science and Technology Library, with 150 stations for the use of the media staff, equipped with the Internet, and provide printing, fax and photocopying services. Conference related news, pictures and videos can be obtained in the news center. The fifth ministerial conference will be held in Macao from October 11th to 12, and held the opening ceremony, China cooperation with the Portuguese speaking countries trade service platform complex project launching ceremony, the Ministerial Conference, the general assembly and the press conference – entrepreneurs, financiers and other activities. The "Macao daily" recently published an article that the forum "Sanli" to Macao: one is to enhance the international status and image of Macao, using their own advantages as well as the support of the motherland after the return of Macao, greater participation in international affairs; two is conducive to the construction of Macao "one center as a platform" the ministerial meeting was held in Macao, to promote bilateral development of Macao in China with Portuguese speaking countries and regions in the position, and expand their business volume played an inestimable role; the three is that Macao docking on the mainland and Portuguese speaking countries enterprises, will be involved in finance, law, language, service trade arbitration etc, and can take the opportunity to vigorously promote economic development moderately.相关的主题文章:

When pregnant, some time to give up – Sohu maternal and child

Prepare pregnant, some time must give up the Sohu in maternal pregnancy preparation period, the majority of women are concerned about what time are more likely to conceive, but in this process, often overlooked a problem, that is what time is not suitable for pregnant. Special reminder: these times, you have to give up pregnancy 1 when your mood swings and suffered a huge trauma. This kind of thing is very magical, it also has a great influence on our body. During pregnancy, whether you are male or female, you need to maintain a happy mood, so as to protect the reproductive cells have good quality. 2 just bid farewell to tobacco. I believe most people know, and for our physical damage is not a short duration of time can ease the. Therefore, when women or men just say goodbye to tobacco, is not suitable for pregnant immediately. At least 3 months to recuperate the body. 3 just stop drug contraception. In life, many people choose to take medicine to contraception, but when you are pregnant you need to stop the pill, because the pill is the principle of hormonal regulation of the body, so can not stop at the beginning is trying to get pregnant. 4 after the wedding. Two people are preparing for the wedding, the couple’s spirit is not as good as before, if pregnant in case of work, is not conducive to eugenics, can be adjusted for a period of time after the plan to have a baby. 5 after a tiring journey. Honeymoon is a lot of young people will choose to travel, although happy, but also very tired, not suitable for children. In addition, the two sides on a long journey within two weeks, it is not suitable for children. 6 less than six months postpartum. Now, two-child policy release, many couples have a second child on the agenda. But here it is a reminder that the first production of women must give the body enough recovery period, do not rush to catch child. After the birth of the first child, at least for more than half a year before pregnancy, pregnancy should also consult a doctor’s advice. In the above circumstances are not suitable for the baby, you remember it? In order to nurture a healthy baby, women must know more about this knowledge.   相关的主题文章:

A new generation of Chevrolet Camaro Ke Mailuo latest official figure (video) sayu-02

A new generation of Chevrolet Camaro Ke Mailuo latest official figure on the domestic media reported that a new generation (sixth generation) Chevrolet Camaro will introduce Chinese market to all imports, and in September 20th will be officially starting. Prior to the official Chevrolet has announced a trailer. A new generation of Camaro (domestic komaro (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) Bumblebee) at the beginning of this year, the U.S. market officially listed. Compared with the current model, the new generation models have made enormous efforts in terms of weight loss, the power is increased by the new 2.0T engine and 6AT gearbox will be upgraded to 8AT. A new generation of Chevrolet Camaro map overseas conference site prior to the general version of Camaro and high performance Camaro SS appeared at the same time, Camaro SS equipped with 6.2L V8 engine, the car uses a black honeycomb grille, tail to increase the fixed tail and the exhaust bilateral total four, has a high performance range of children. High performance SS models also provide the first electromagnetic suspension control system for selection, the system will automatically adjust the damping setting car to achieve the maximum comfort, the system just before a limited Ke Mailuo ZL1 models optional package. Update Mustang GT contrast test a new generation of komaro and the ordinary version of the net is relatively low-key, the tail of the car is also reduced to bilateral double exhaust, two cars in the LED lamp on the other is slightly different. A new generation of Camaro lightweight aluminum body will have a large number of parts, even the dashboard surrounding components also use than the previous generation models of light 4.4kg Aluminum Alloy material. At the same time, front and rear suspension also uses a lot of aluminum material, which makes the hanging weight 21% lighter than the previous generation models, a series of lightweight materials for a new generation of vehicles overall weight 90.7kg. The new generation of Camaro will be based on Alpha platform (Alfa platform) production, with more than 70% of the parts are unique exclusive components. The car has a larger size, the wheelbase length reaches 2910mm (current model, 2852mm wheelbase). Goodyear Eagle F1 tires will be applied in a new generation of models, engineers also told us they spent nearly nine million hours to the development of the body, can improve the stiffness of the new car 28%. Interior, the new Camaro console has been redesigned, but still retains the iconic design of the previous generation of models, using analog dashboard with 8 inches of information display. Another 8 inch display on the console will not only display the function of the infotainment system, and will serve as a common MyLink system interface. A new generation of Chevrolet Camaro engine maximum power maximum torque transmission 2.0T205kW (279PS) 400Nm6 speed manual or 8 speed automatic 3.6L250kW (340PS) 385Nm6.2L339kW (461PS) 617Nm power, a new generation of Chevrolet Camaro will increase 2.0T turbocharged engine, such as Camaro, 6.2L, power will be sitting on 3.6.相关的主题文章:

China – ASEAN steam Expo will build a platform for cooperation between the two sides of the automoti windjview

Chinese ASEAN Automobile Expo to build both automobile industry capacity cooperation platform – Beijing new network in Liuzhou in August 26, August 26th (Zhu Liurong) reporters from Guangxi Liuzhou official informed, has been successfully held five sessions of the Chinese ASEAN (Liuzhou) Automotive Industry Fair (hereinafter referred to as the "China – ASEAN Automobile Expo"). Continue to hold this year. The Expo will use China – ASEAN Economic and trade relations continue to deepen the development of the historical opportunity to build a market-oriented and specialized industrial exchange and cooperation platform to promote China’s automobile industry and ASEAN capacity cooperation. The same day, the Liuzhou official held a press conference to announce the name of "China ASEAN automobile, engineering machinery and Parts Expo this year, opened the new name" Chinese ASEAN (Liuzhou) automotive industry expo". The Expo will be held from September 13th to 18 and from October 21st to 23, held in Liuzhou, respectively, in the automotive and construction machinery exhibition and auto parts exhibition in two. The reason for renaming, the Liuzhou Municipal Commission of Commerce Director Cheng Fangxiao said that the China ASEAN Automobile Exposition will use professional exhibition of automobile industry of the whole industry chain for the development direction of building cars, used cars, automotive supplies, spare parts and other plates, but also extended to car finance, car rental and other fields. Liuzhou, as the nearest ASEAN emerging Chinese Auto City, the automobile industry has become the city’s largest pillar industry. In 2015 the city automobile industrial output exceeded 200 billion yuan, all kinds of automobile production and sales of nearly 2 million 300 thousand, the total yield was third China; owning a car parts more than 500 enterprises, employing 110 thousand people. During the period, will be held "China ASEAN automobile industry cooperation and Development Forum", invite experts for Chinese automobile industry development trend analysis, to explore the Chinese ASEAN International Auto production cooperation and development trend, Chinese ASEAN automobile market development situation and prospects of cooperation and other issues. By then, Indonesia, Thailand, Laos, Burma, Philippines and other industrial sectors and professional associations will be to communicate. Liuzhou City Vice Mayor Li Zhizhan said, held China ASEAN Automobile Expo, through exchanges with ASEAN countries industrial departments and professional associations, build information platform, establish mutual trust and cooperation, make full use of the geographical advantages of Liuzhou and ASEAN countries, promote enterprises to actively integrate into the development strategy of "The Belt and Road", promote international cooperation capacity fast the development of automobile industry, and promote the sustained and healthy development in a broader space. It is reported that from 2011 to 2015, China – ASEAN Expo will attract a large number of Chinese and foreign exhibitors. Indonesia, Thailand and other ASEAN auto parts as a springboard into the China market, Sino foreign joint venture car company SAIC GM Wuling stationed in Indonesia construction vehicle factory.相关的主题文章:

Electronic athletics this specialized course in Zhejiang Sci-Tech University has been sought after nlite

The electronic sports courses in Zhejiang Sci-Tech University has long been sought before the occupation education and Adult Education Department of the Ministry of Education issued the "notice" on 2017 higher school enrollment professional occupation to declare the work, published 13 professional additions in 2016, one of the major gaming brighten. Gaming is the full name of professional electronic sports and management, education and sports belong to categories. In this regard, users have lamented, "it is Born Under A Bad Sign!" As early as in 2003, electronic sports on the approval of the State Sports General Administration, China’s official launch of the ninety-ninth sports, and in 2008 was redefined as the number Seventy-eighth sports. What professional gaming in the end? Is playing the game? Yesterday, Zhejiang province had opened gaming Professional Information Institute of Zhejiang Sci-Tech University experimental center teacher Zhou Weida told reporters, the school opened around 2011 "world E-sports competition introduction and practice", this course has become one of the most popular public elective courses of Zhejiang Sci-Tech University. Class room can only accommodate 110 people, but every time there are more than five or six people registered. Because the class is on Friday night, a lot of people want to go home, or there will be more candidates. Zhou Weida open mind, is to provide students with a fun course. The night of the elective course, if the theory is too strong, the effect is not good. Partial entertainment, practical strong class, more popular with students." His undergraduate and graduate school are computer professional, when reading also love to play gaming, so the design, application of electronic athletics lesson. As far as he knows, this is the first case in the province undergraduate institutions. Major in electrical engineering, Xiao Jiang had taken this course in sophomore year. She began to contact the game from the primary school four years ago, when I was in high school, can only hide secretly playing with parents. Did not expect to enter the University, actually can justifiably play games in the classroom, and finally get two credits. In the week before class, Vinda will first introduce students to the world cyber games in the game, on the basis of knowledge, sometimes play China gaming celebrity Li Xiaofeng documentary. Most of the time, Zhou Weida is playing games with the students. Xiao Jiang said: everyone in the class networking play LOL, DOTA and so on, very happy." At the end of the semester, students pay a small paper, mainly about their own understanding and views on gaming. The final score to attendance, the paper supplemented. Obviously, the attendance rate of this course is high, so the students’ scores are very beautiful. Zhou Weida said that the Ministry of education to add this profession, the mass of gaming is more and more rational. Professional settings, can help Chinese the gaming industry to cultivate excellent athletes, coaches and tactical analysts. He also believes that ordinary undergraduate institutions, especially the famous universities, the establishment of a separate professional may not be suitable. This time, the Ministry of education is in the higher vocational colleges to add this profession, he still supports this practice.相关的主题文章: